Our History

For more than 120 years, Norevo has been constantly developing, turning into the internationally operating company it is today. An overview of our most important and groundbreaking milestones.


1901 | Foundation

On 30 January 1901, the company was founded in the German city of Hamburg.

1908 Sudanbesuch

1908 | Foundation of our export company in Sudan

Our founder made his first trip to Sudan to establish his own export company for gum acacia.


1924 | Relocation to the „Sudan Kontorhaus“ in Hamburg

The company was very successful already, trading gum acacia as well as other resins from all over the world.

Mitarbeiter Sudanhaus

1945 | Expansion of our range

Apart from the "gums", numerous other items were added to our assortment. Henceforth, we also traded teas, herbs, spices, medicines, and shellac. The company already had 22 employees at that time.


1948 | Entry into the honey business

Our entry into the honey trade laid the foundation for the long-lasting success of our company. In the same year, we also placed a new focus on dried vegetables and suspended the trade in medicines.

Norevo Produktion Möhnsen

1982 | Production site in Möhnsen

An old dairy in the German village of Möhnsen was turned into our first production plant for the processing of raw ingredients. This step represented a strategic expansion of our business model.


1989 | Foundation of the first food technology laboratory

We founded our first own laboratory, enabling us to guarantee the quality of our raw ingredients and refined products at any time. It was directly linked to the production site in Möhnsen – and still is today. Meanwhile, we started cooperating with Drouven + Fabry (now D&F Sweets GmbH) in the field of Confectionery Consulting.

Norevo Produktion Argentinien

1992 | The year of expansion

We established our Hong Kong site in order to expand our business in China. Moreover, we expanded our production capacities and built the first foreign plant in Hungary, followed by locations in the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, and China over the next few years.

Norevo Gebäude

2010 | Foundation of Norevo GmbH and Norevo Produktion GmbH

Our company was restructured and reorganized under our new Managing Director Hartmut Lampe. Henceforth, our trading activities were continued under the umbrella of Norevo GmbH and Norevo Produktion GmbH. The restructuring included a management buyout, making the company autonomous and financially independent.

2012 | New production site for honey

The honey business had been successfully expanded for decades. In 2012, we took this as an opportunity to build a new, modern honey production plant in Möhnsen.

2014 | Natural waxes

We extended our range to include beeswax as an organic supplement to our existing honey business. It was not long before other vegetable waxes were added.

Logo D&F Sweets GmbH

2019 | D&F Sweets GmbH and Norevo join forces

D&F Sweets GmbH complemented the Norevo group as an independent brand with its know-how in the fields of Confectionery Consulting & Development.


2022 | Norevo brand relaunch

After 12 years, the Norevo brand sharpened its profile and introduced its new brand claim:

:always natural