Confectionery Performers

Whether sugar or chocolate-coated sweets, gummy candies, chewy candies, or toffees: Norevo’s Confectionery Performers offer innovative and individual solutions for the diverse requirements and challenges of the confectionery industry.

Releasing, whitening, stabilizing, glazing, or sealing – Norevo’s Confectionery Performers deliver impressive and efficient results. Our functional ingredients do not only deliver stain-free coatings, produce individual textures, or neatly separate gums and jellies. They also replace conventional ingredients such as shellac or gelatin with substances that meet the current market needs.

Norevo’s Confectionery Performers are all based on natural raw ingredients; moreover, they are certified and suitable for both industrial and individual processing.



Individual textures with or without gelatin, based on sugar, or sugar-free. Our texturizers facilitate the production of innovative chewy candies, toffees, or chewable fillings.

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Glazing agents for sugar-coated sweets

The right glazing agent for any purpose. Our glazing agents make hard or soft sugar-coated products shine while furnishing their surface with a protective seal.

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Glazing agents for chocolate-coated sweets

High gloss for any kind of chocolate-coated product. Norevo's glazing agents provide chocolate-coated sweets with a long-lasting and protective shiny layer, even on uneven surfaces or under difficult coating conditions.

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Sealing agents

Our sealing agents add a finishing touch to the surface of coated sweets. Long-lasting perfect gloss, protection against damage to the shiny outer layer, and a longer shelf life cater for an ideal lustrous result.

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Anti-sticking agents

Releasing and oiling agents for cast or extruded mogul products. To create a subtle surface gloss, protect against drying up, and reliably separate individual products from one another.

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CPs Quick White

Gumming & coating agents

Products to pre-treat centers, whiten the texture, or simplify and shorten the coating process.

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Effect coatings

Our effect coatings bring that certain something to any kind of coated product. Our specialty ingredients cater for an intense salty taste experience, a sparkling effervescent effect, or pearlescent surfaces.

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Acidifying agents

To give coated sweets or mogul products an intensely sour flavor.

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