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Gum Acacia

To date, gum acacia is still harvested by hand in the form of amber-colored chunks. As a purely vegetable raw ingredient, it has a wide range of applications. It contains a polyfunctional hydrocolloid that offers excellent stabilizing and emulsifying properties; moreover, it is used as a natural adhesive and as an encapsulating agent in various recipes. With more than 100 years of experience in the procurement and refining of this valuable raw ingredient, Norevo has built a sustainable and stable network of partners in its African regions of origin.



Gum acacia is an exudate from wild acacia trees and originates from the Central African "Gum Belt" that stretches from Senegal to Ethiopia in the south of the Sahara desert. Norevo's main supplier countries are Sudan, Chad, and Nigeria. 



Deforestation is a growing problem throughout the entire Gum Belt. Its acacia trees bind nitrogen and nourish and bind the soil, thus helping to reduce soil erosion. Moreover, the gum harvest is an important source of income for the local population. To the best of our knowledge and based on the information we receive from our suppliers, we could not observe any deforestation practices related to our gum acacia supply. We are convinced that acacia trees help the Gum Belt countries fight deforestation and desertification. 


Norevo Gummi Arabicum Darreichungsformen

The journey of gum acacia

Gum acacia is harvested by making small cuts on the bark of the acacia trees. This so-called tapping process makes resin ooze from the trees as "tears", where they subsequently dry and are harvested by hand. Immediately after the harvest, gum acacia pieces are soft in texture. They are subsequently dried in the sun and sorted before being packaged for export. Upon arrival at Norevo's production plant near Hamburg, gum acacia is dissolved in water, purified, pasteurized, and then dried to receive standardized powder qualities in a unique process: Our drum drying method is particularly gentle on the ingredients of gum acacia, thus ensuring top functionality for individual customer applications.


Quick Gum Norevo

Quick Gum

Purified, homogenized, and quickly-soluble gum acacia powder in standardized or customized qualities. Quick Gum is easy to use, dose, and store.

Mechanisches Gummi Arabicum Pulver Norevo


Pulverized gum acacia based on the Acacia species Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal.

Gummi Arabicum Granulat Norevo


Gum acacia in pieces or granules obtained from the Acacia species Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal.



Norevo's gum acacia is Kosher and Halal certified and available in organic quality. We will be happy to advise you individually and personally.

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